Fairyland Pic Puzzles

These images of the Fairyland Pic Puzzles online game are filled with different details, characters, and vibrant colors. How long will it take you to complete one task of arranging the piece to recreate a simple puzzle? Let's enhance and improve your arranging as well as assembling skills with this Gogy online game 2022 once you have the time!

The main rule is quite simple, however, the players need to demonstrate quite a decent technique when it comes to assembling puzzle pieces to win. To complete one level, you will need to rearrange the direction of each tile in the picture by rotating them to form the complete picture. The original picture can be found in the right panel of the screen with specific details and orders.

Challenge your talent when it comes to assembling and locating the pieces with the time restriction in multiple levels of this game. The goal is to use the least time to conquer the most moves and put as many pieces in their right places as possible. Keep in mind that you should start from the lower patterns and tiles to get the frame correct before hitting the ones in the middle.

The game calculates the score total at the end of each stage using the number of seconds that are remained untouched and the number of times taken. This means that the faster you manage to complete the puzzle, the higher your scores will be. Take the time off and enjoy a variety of games online from the list at https://gogy.games/ , such as Art Puzzle Fun or Grass Cutter! Plenty of unique gaming experience awaits for the brave players to explore the different mechanism and game themes!


Instruction to play:

Choose and rotate the tiles using the left mouse button.