Prickle Enemy

How good is your controlling skill when it comes to estimating the motions and maneuvering? Learn how to enjoy this game of Prickle Enemy while helping the circle get to the place of the dots. There will be a circle, which is your main character, appearing on the screen of this Gogy 2021 game. Your job is to move the circle from one place to another and try to catch the dot as fast as possible.

All players will try to go from the position of one dot to another while trying to get their circles around the screen without coming into contact with any prickles enemies! These enemies tend to move slowly at first, then start getting closer towards the center. As there are two sides of them, they will move from the outer rim to the center, which is your current position. You will need to try to catch more dots and steer clear of the rows that might break the circles.

It's best to stay in the middle of the gameplay area, but be wise in choosing the timing to move. This game has its unique point in terms of gameplay and some hard parts. For example, if you can't estimate the motion of the prickles, you will have a hard time moving around the board and getting to the dots safely.

Moreover, once you get one dot, another pops up in an entirely different position. This means that the players are required to constantly move from one point to another on the screen of this game at! Don't worry as we believe that you will master the arts of other games like Mora Rush as well!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Click on the position that you want the circle to move to using the left mouse button or by tapping on the screen.