Jelly World

Master the movement of these jelly blocks and make sure that your path is clear enough for the main character to move through. The main goal of this game called Jelly World from Gogy 2021 is to collect the available diamonds, clear out the path and reach the destination within the limited time range. The main character will auto-run forward once you start the game, therefore, you will need to quickly move the jelly blocks toward the directions that are required to free up new spaces.

Not only will you need to move up or move down but it's required to manage the length and the timing accordingly. Will you be able to complete the mission that is designed for each level separately? When making the jelly blocks move up or down, make sure to take advantage of its elastic feature so that you can manage every single movement and control it to leap in the air correctly.

If done well and timely, there are lots of chances to get diamonds and reach the finish line quickly. The key to this game is to grasp the basics of how these jelly blocks work and use them wisely. Aim the best timing to move the jelly so that it can hold your character when he flips or jumps forward. The bouncy texture of the jelly will create a better momentum for the character to move forward and tackle higher blocks or platforms for sure!

Get new skins for your character using the coins and purchase new ones in the in-game store at! There will be some hidden special features of each skin that will help boost up some of your skills later in the game! Do the best of your ability and manage the jump well so that you can freely enjoy more similar games such as Jewel Magic from our website as well.

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Control the movement of the jelly blocks using the mouse cursor.