Freaky Monster Rush

Freaky Monster Rush - the latest Gogy casual game will bring back the famous theme usually shown in a basic arcade game - the players' agility. Get your hand on this latest game with more than just a basic casual platform for you to explore. Have fun running from freaky yet adorable monster characters in this joyful and unforgettable gaming experience! Each player will get to transform into a single monster form.

Once your monster shape is ready, you can control it to move forward on the platform and maneuver however you want. Rock all obstacles on the road and find out the path that leads through the portals with a body part on them. Each different portal leads to a separate place or environment, therefore, you can see that they are marked with unique colorings. Search for the green portals only as they will lead you to the correct place that brings your monster to the final destination.

If you bypass the red portals, your character will lose the body parts shown on the symbols of these portals. Avoiding the men on your path will be quite a tough task, but you can maneuver the monsters to dodge them with swift movements. The bar above your head shows your remaining HP or energy that will keep you last in the game for a specific time limit. Do your best to gather more energy bars to keep your monster alive!

Here at, prepare yourself for a fight with the big boss - the final monsters at the end staging of each level. As long as you can move faster than your rivals, you can successfully push them into the black hole. More thrilling games such as Crowd Lumberjack or Raid Heroes: Total War will be equally good choices for your next playtime! 

Instruction to play:

Control and move using the mouse.