Crazy Dunk

Dunking is an important skill for a basketball player because it might be the make-or-break score of a match in which you will be participating in the future. Learn and practice the art of dunking the basketball in this Gogy game 4 kids: Crazy Dunk along with your online guidance! We provide a detailed in-game tutorial for kids of all ages to learn the basics and mechanism of this game before they hit the court.

You will be controlling the bouncing of the basketballs with your touch or click. The higher the basket is, the more times you need to click to make the ball bounce upward. Calculate the movement of the ball and click accordingly to make it fall into the baskets correctly. Your goal in this game is to deliver as many successful dunks as possible with a chance of plenty of combos!

Combos are made when you manage to hit more and more dunks, one after another in a streak! The more combos you have, the higher your total final scores will be in comparison to other players' scores. Let's see if you are a natural when it comes to slam dunks and winning the game together!

Not only does this game from have a simple yet addictive operation but it's also a relaxing game with decompression mini-game options for you to practice your gained tips. It's all about being precise when dunking the ball and controlling your shooting force better and better to win all the matches! Dominate other games such as Fabby Golf! or Ice Fishing with your talents and move on to exploring other genres for free later!


Instruction to play:

Click the left mouse button or tap the screen for tablets and mobiles to slam dunk and gain scores.