Popcorn Eater

Popcorn Eater

Date added: 14/04/2022

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The world of Popcorn Eater will be a thrilling sensation with the best taste of popcorn being poured continuously into the mouth of the main character! Your job in this game is to feed the popcorn lover with a non-stop string of popcorn. He is standing at the bottom of the line with his mouth opened to be ready for more popcorn to pour down.

The moment that you decide to give the command to release the popcorn pieces, they will flow down the barrel following the woodblocks. Whether they can reach his mouth or not depends on your strategy and styles of releasing popcorn. Just click on the red and white bucket at the top of the screen to pour the popcorn rain!

When you reach the line of the required amount of popcorn for each level, you can move on to the next one with more challenges and coins. The goal of this game is to conquer all levels with three stars - the maximum rate for each one. Don't forget to unlock more exciting adventures with online gaming choices like Point To Point Aquatic as they are all available for free at Gogy games online!

Another fun point is that you can explore how many flavors of popcorn there are in the wide range of levels waiting for you. Don't hesitate to share with your friends and overcome the blocks as well as the barriers within the shortest timeframe. Save more games record and set the highest range for all games that you decide to tackle to make sure that you can claim the top title of them all. It's all about timing and good reflexes, combined with strategy and tactics! 

Game controls:

Click using the left mouse button or tap on the mobile screen to release the popcorn.

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