Sticky Ball Rush

The latest game from Gogy 2022 will be quite an exciting choice with the unique intuitive interface, 3D graphics, and dynamic setting. Welcome to Sticky Ball Rush - an attractive game of arcade and io mixing to create your best gaming moments! The players' goal in this game is to successfully gather the most sticky balls possible in the levels. Once you start the game, you will be equipped with a machine for collecting the items.

The more you collect, the higher your scores on each level will be. Only by reaching the benchmark of the level will you be able to move forward to the next one. Avoid the obstacles such as the platform, the blocks, traps, spiky items, and the edge of the route to keep your machine intact. The ball size will decrease after each collision with these dangerous obstacles, therefore, do your best to pick the safest route and change the direction on time.

As you progress through the game, you will gain more knowledge on how you can maneuver the machine more efficiently. Let's start practicing and enhance your reflexes in this tough track now! We recommend that newbies should start with sticking to the middle of the track where a lot of sticky balls are placed. Try to gather many from the first few seconds of the game to get more advantage later in the game.

Purchase updates and unlock harder challenges for your entertainment too! Keep track of the Leaderboard and the ranking to know your ranking after each phase and come up with suitable tactics and strategies as required! Continue the streak with plenty of other arcade games such as Cats Arena or Angry Farm Crossy Road, all available for kids regardless of age and gender at

Instruction to play:

Instructions for Sticky Ball Rush: Move the mouse to control the machine.