Ice Fishing

We are looking for the player who can not only search for the perfect location for fishing here in Ice Fishing but also the one who can bring home the biggest fish! It's a positive peaceful Gogy new game of fishing for the players who love this type of game. Enjoy the 3D gameplay with excitement and you will soon learn to appreciate the beauty of patience during a fishing trip as well!

Don't rush to pull the float, instead, mastering the art of time estimation will be beneficial to you in this game. First, choose the suitable bait for your rod and the place to fish on the map. The players will fall in love with these lovely 3D graphics with background sounds, a realistic buzzing feeling, and more! It feels like you are on a real fishing trip where you try to hold your rod properly and fight with the biggest fish you can find!

Gain money as a reward for each fish that you can successfully find. Upgrade your baits and rods from time to time to keep up with the other players! Let us guide you through the control of the rod with in-game tutorials. Use the large arrows on the upper and lower right corners to control the rod to catch the fish.

Can you see a warning sign on the upper left panel? This shall help warn you about the tension and the strain points. Do your best to prevent the fishing line from being pulled for too long or else it will break. Use the lures, fishing rods, baits, and spots wisely to successfully trap your desired fishes. Go on more trips and journeys in other games like Ski Rush 3D from to win tons of rewards and the highest scores! 

Instruction to play:

Fish using the mouse cursor.