Kumu's Adventure

Recollect and boost up the energy as well as optimize the pieces to make the old workshop at Kumu's Adventure become new as ever. We are looking at all nook and cranny for the best mechanics who can manage to turn the place upside down and transform it. Don't worry if this is your first time playing this cool game from Gogy 2020 as we have the most detailed tutorial for guiding the newcomers. Your main job is to fix the reactor so the atomic battery can work again.

Such an atomic battery will be the power source for all kinds of machines in the shop, so as long as you finish this first task, things will get better. Another important mission will be to search the land and bring back the items that are valuable or helpful for fixing the broken machines. As the main mechanic, you will be in charge of all kinds of work from searching for important parts, collecting the alloys to extending your base.

Don't forget that you have to charge up the reactor to make sure it has enough energy to power the whole workshop as well. Will you be able to survive the scavenger hunt? Enjoy the RPG gameplay with the dark, realistic graphics of the future world. Boost up your action gaming skills with those combats and turn-based features at http://gogy.games/! Let's tap on all kinds of a map and dig up the whole place for the best machine and alloys ever!

Refining the system is not an easy feat, but you will be able to advance further with your skills after failing and learning from this game. Our collection of this genre of games includes some other games like Crazy Desert Moto or Ojek Pickup 

Instruction to play:

Interact and play the game using the left mouse button.