Heart Of Iona

Have you ever tried out any Gogy interactive game with a fully developed storyline and elaborated gameplay? This new gaming choice of Heart Of Iona will be an excellent game with a narrative theme that kids of all ages who love a bit of magical palace will be able to enjoy. This version of the game is all about taking over the role of the main character and influencing the story by making choices.

The storyline is very elaborate, which means that you will have plenty of cases that you need to decide to push the progress forward. The setting of this game takes place on the day of Ella's coronation. As the castle is under attack, you will need to guide her through this secret chamber and discover the imprisoned dragon. Besides the task of helping him escape, try to survive the next adventures that you are going to go through. Despite these ups and downs, have fun with Ella and navigate through this adventure to discover the power of her heart.

It's a powerful item that can change the fate of the Kingdom of Iona, so the power is in your hand! From picking the next action to choosing the item to interact with, it's up to you to select. Feel free to roam the list of free games such as Blackpink Formal Dance Party and Glamour Beachlife from our collection with one click here at https://gogy.games/girls and see which one will suit your next gaming session! Keep in mind that each action in each case shall lead your main character to a different story path, so pick carefully according to your conscience and wisdom under tough circumstances. Discover the full story to find out the best way to get the kingdom safe with the princess' heart! 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to choose the action that you want.