Basket Random

Basketball is one of the most intense, familiar, and fun ways of sharing a good sports game. Take on the new twist of class basketball matches from the Gogy kid game called Basket Random with the inventive challenges that defy the old game. The goal is still to gain control and keep the ball in your arm range in order to guide it to the basket of your opponents.

When your teammates reach close enough to the basket, it's time to jump up and throw to score a slam dunk! Don't refrain from jumping continuously to avoid the ball being taken away from you or being pushed by the other team. Another great feature of this game at is that it allows two players to enjoy the game as teammates. Choose to play as a team with your friend, or go head to head with the CPU to practice and enhance your skills.

The moment that one team earns five scores, that team shall be deemed as the winning one, therefore, do your best and move quickly! Great coordination between two players will play a crucial role in deciding the winning team. Do your best to conquer more sports matches in other games like Troll Boxing and Boxing Fighter Super Punch

Instruction to play:

Catch the ball and jump using the up arrow key, move to the left and right side using the left and right arrow keys.