Gummy Bears Mover

Gummy Bears Mover is the best new summer game for your taste if you enjoy a little sweetness for the free time at Gogy online 2021 game! It's the chance to freely consume the lines of delicious gummy bears that can be collected thanks to a suitable matching.

Your job is to slide a row of bears on the board towards the direction of horizontal or vertical in order to make a clean row for collection. A line consisting of 3 or more similar bears will do the trick, but if you manage to collect a line of more, the total rewards will be much higher.

Pay attention to the time on the top of the screen to manage your progress well. The game is time-bound to make it more thrilling and interesting, with tons of boosters and bonuses to gain! If you can get your hand on a line of 5 or more pieces, you will probably get an extra reward for a time booster or something that will be helpful for your work later. Feel free to load up the lines and fill the list of designated jelly that the level requires.

Only by completing the tasks on one level can you move onto the next. Would you like to mark your name on the high-ranking top player list of ours in Doing your best to clear the lines, whether horizontal or vertical and shorten the required time for each stage will do the trick! Let's start hopping in to discover a world of free games like Funny Shopping Supermarket, all available without any cost so that your favorite basket can fill up daily.

Instruction to play:

How to play: Slide the rows using the mouse cursor or by tapping on the game screen for mobile and tablet.