Polyshapes requires good eyesight, great observation skill, and the resistance to search for the right item among the biggest collection. It is in the category for puzzle games at Gogy online. The theme focuses on finding different sorts of shapes formed by polygons. The polygons are the main pieces in this huge map and they connect to form the strangest shapes ever. You will have to use your eyes and search for the object as shown on the screen.

At first, it might be overwhelmed for beginners since they have to try to recognize an object in a screen full of colorless shapes. However, when you try out more and more challenges, you will learn the technique that is used to find the very first line. From there, you can just go and find out the rest. It emphasizes your skills by watching closely and discovering the object lines. You will have to look for tons of shapes, ranging from a leaf, a heart, a mushroom to different animals.

The very first few seconds will be a little bit tough, but as soon as you manage to find the right lines, the full shape will pop up in your sight right away! Are you ready to emerge in the fun and creativity of this game and share it with your friends?

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to choose the shape.