Pyramid Mountains

Are you good at winning the opponent in a match of solitaire? If you have the confidence, why don't you join in the online game from Gogy 2019 to show off your technique? The rules are simple enough for you to grasp it within a short time. The players' job is to combine the sum of the two cards adds up to 13. As the cards are placed on top of each other, you can only choose the ones on top.


After you match the pair on the front, the other cards will slowly unfold so that you can continue further. For example, on the first line, choose the cards with the number 10 and 3 to match. Keep removing the cards until you finish with all the card on this Pyramid Mountains at In case that you fail to build up more match due to the lack of cards, simply choose the reset button to get more cards. By doing this, you can gain more chance thanks to the new deck. Card games have never been this fun thanks to the simple yet addictive gameplay.


All you have to do is to make a simple calculation and enjoy the game. This game is suitable for kids of all ages without any restriction or limits so you can get some kids or friends to play as well! The higher the level, the harder it gets to match the cards. Sometimes, you need to make up a strategy of two or more steps to make sure that you don't run out of pairs to match. Moreover, show us your amazing skills with some more games like Jumping Kim and Jewel Match

Instruction to play:

Click on two cards to match them.