Hospital Hustle

Another fun management game from the list at Gogy for girl has been added to your free game collection with Hospital Hustle! It's another bustling day at the province hospital, and we need someone who is good at taking care of these patients and curing them. Are you ready to take over this hardcore job as a hospital manager? You will be in charge of all processes, ranging from accepting new patients, giving them the number, curing them, and doing tests as required.

he cure and treatment for each patient shall be different, therefore, it's very important for you to understand fully which machine does what. Run these different machines and utilize them quickly to provide you and the doctors with the best metrics and test results. Make sure the right resources have been loaded to keep the machines running correctly. Pay attention to your human resources of doctors, nurses, social workers, and receptionists.

Another point is to make sure to keep upgrading your staff skills throughout the levels to ensure their qualifications. Let's keep an eye on the happiness bar at the top of the screen to keep filling it up. The moment that the bar drops, your game will soon be over! It's all about guaranteeing the satisfaction of your treated patients, which requires quite a bit of focus and talent.

From the long list of new games here at, we provide only top-notch gameplay options and state-of-the-art graphics as well as design to keep your gaming experience always refreshing! Other similar games of management such as High School Bffs Girls Team and Doc Honeyberry Puppy Surgery will also be available for free anytime you are ready to play, so hit them up once you have mastered the art of running this hospital!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to control and interact.