Aquarium Farm

In Aquarium Farm, your carefulness and skills will be highly appreciated, especially when taking care of your little pet fish. Your job includes taking care of the little fish by helping it grow and building an aquarium that is exclusive for it. The aquarium adventure doesn't stop there. More than usual tasks of feeding the fish, cleaning the water, and building the frame of the aquarium, you will also need to decorate and transform the tank so that the fish can be happy inside.

Not only will the game require the players to pay attention to details in the tank but you also have to take the utmost care for the fish. Become the doctor when it's necessary because the fish might get sick. How will you manage to cover all these difficult and diverse tasks in this Gogy kid game? Go through the detailed tutorial to get a grasp on the basics of this game before diving into the newly added challenges.

From decorating the tank, cleaning to being a doctor, the guide will help you understand how to finish each task without any trouble to the fishes. For example, in the cleaning section, it's very important to move all the fishes to the small tank before cleaning the water and the rocks inside the big aquarium.

Don't miss out on any step because it might be the cause of the fish's death! Come and explore more marine-themed games like Solve It Colors Game and Yukon Solitaire without any cost! 

Instruction to play:

Click and drag the mouse to interact with the fish.