Roldana is an addictive game of manufacturing inside a chain that will keep you hooked for hours thanks to the easy-to-play theme. The game allows kids of all ages to become the owner of this factory for a day, in which they will be in charge of processing huge chunks of blocks and make sure that all of them turn into yellow ones. Two huge pulleys are used for this purpose, and you will use the wheel of these to get the raw blocks to be processed.

Once they are processed, you can sell them on the market and the total money of yours, which is shown on the top middle of the page, will increase accordingly. There are a lot of elements that can affect the productivity of your chain, so use the gained money to upgrade them to increase your input and output with a higher speed.

There will be a pop-up button of Bonus on the top right corner of the screen from time to time when you carry out the work to give you some scores. If you manage to click on it before it disappears, the bonus will be yours to keep! The in-game money in this game from gogy games for kids will be very helpful in the job of upgrading the features of the pulleys for a higher record.

Are you ready to become the owner of the biggest factory with highly functioning pulleys and mountains of yellow blocks? Do not forget that we have other games for multiple players if you would like to share with a friend later such as Color Water Trucks or Zoo Pong, all are at the tips of your finger!

Instruction to play:

Instructions for controlling: Click on the buttons and the features to choose and interact.