Mini Train IO

Mini Train IO challenges your ability in dealing with a full-length io-style snake game with plenty of twists and tricks! It's your chance to collect more nuts so that you can bolts to build up your train's length. The ultimate goal in this Gogy io game will be to become the longest train possible! The length of your train can be increased by adding more pieces to the existing train base and increasing its capacity.

You will be controlling your train amongst other but be sure to keep it safe. The crucial point is to avoid colliding with another train to make sure that your turn will not end the game being over soon. First, grab the wheel and dodge it whenever a new object shows up. If you are ready to weave your way through the chaos, make sure to utilize the flexibility wisely so that you will not end up being crushed!

Keep growing your train by capturing more and more edible food on the map. Once your train reaches a certain length, the control of its movement shall be harder. So do whatever it takes to bring your train to the top of the leaderboard for victory! It's an interactive io game for kids who love a bit of thrilling gameplay embedded with elaborate game features.

Go ahead and explore some more io gaming options such as or with our free gaming collection here at! Don't forget to earn highlight boosters and bonuses scattered on the screen beside the food. This help boost your train damage range and shorten the time needed for growing. Get yourself ready for this intense io battle among the snakes!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to drag and control the train.