Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

It's not an easy task to dominate all tracks and overcome the other opponent in this fast-paced multiplayer car game of Gogy land with the latest added combat arena feature. As you will participate as one of the new players to join the hunt to get the enemies and overcome them, conquer the game with your driving and shooting skills combined. First, learn how to control the vehicles and hunt down the enemies that are close by or just ahead of your position.

It's crucial to stun them with your bullets while driving. The key to winning this car game will be to clear the task of maneuvering both driving and shooting at the same time. Be prepared to explore the vast collection filled with the latest models of awesome cars and explosive weapons with a wide range of damage to try out.

The best players shall be the ones who can utilize them well and incorporate them into the race. Don't forget that the game mechanism will feature the latest U-turn move which can be helpful for you to catch the opponents off-guard. Feel free to roam a total of five remastered maps with more than 40 car models. There are special weapons to suit each model as well.

Don't stop yourself from sharing this game with other friends and conquer the most challenges to earn lots of tokens and scores. The in-game store will always be ready for the racers to pick up their new equipment, and upgraded pieces, or purchase new items. Let's have fun with more racing games filled with new landscapes and a full controller such as Burnout Night Racing from https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Use the WASD or arrows to drive, and the spacebar to use the nitro boost.

Drift using the shift key.

If you are a gamepad control user, visit the help screen inside the game instructions to learn.