Donutosaur - the new Gogy kid game will test your ability with solving problems while being under pressure and with tons of objects tangled together on the same platform. In this game that is free for both boys and girls, your job is to manage the movement of the little frog who is trying to move through the jungle and search for the candies. It's not easy to collect the candies as the most delicious will be hanging from some high places or hidden.

Your main task is to change the shape of the main character. Another important mission will be to control the direction of gravity to bring the candies to your places. Once using these superpowers, the work of collecting candies become much simpler. Donutosaur has some friends who will be able to help when you need them. Ask them to push, pull, and destroy anything that is required for the work of capturing the candies.

Three stars and donuts are the requirements for passing each stage, so try your best to reach that checkpoint in order to move onto the next ones. Use the items and boosters wisely to break the obstacles and open up new paths. The most difficult tasks are stacked in the final levels, but you will probably master all the techniques in the game by then. If you love the gameplay, don't forget to share your final records and scores to the Leaderboard at and learn more gaming tips from friends online.

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Instruction to play:

Move, control the character and explore the world in Donutosaur using the mouse cursor and arrow keys.