Drag Racing Rivals

The street races in Drag Racing Rivals from Gogy free game 2020 await for the best racers who can be brave and get on the hardest racing tracks. It's time to go against your rivals from the drag racing theme and win tons of cash to update more and more. Are you ready to win the fanciest sports car and update the machine to the maximum?

The game is not easy since the control is based on how tender you can control. The stick gear will change the speed of the car and determine when the car speeds up. You can win some easy money first by joining the test ride where the goal is to get used to the mechanism of the game and test your new cars also.

For a perfect start, a tip is that shifting is crucial. You should rev less or more to keep the stick that controls the shift gear in the perfect position. Keep clicking to make the stick gear changes until when it reaches the right position that you are looking for. Don't be hasty and hop right onto the first race that you like.

Start from the easiest choice and make your way upward so that you can accumulate the highest scores as rewards! Keep exploring the car collection at http://gogy.games/ and take a chance to dominate other racing tracks in games like Over The Bridge and Merge Ships

Instruction to play:

Click on the screen to interact, use arrow keys to change the shift gear.