Critical Strike Zero

Critical Strike Zero takes your simulation experience with this genre of games from Gogy 2020 online game up a notch! For the most realistic experience and innovative features, this gaming selection is a must-have in your game basket. Start enjoying the cool gameplay and amazing graphics of the future right now! The rules are strict as it's a deathmatch game where only the survivor can go on. Progress in the game using your skills and techniques while keeping check of incoming attacks.

There will be a detailed map for each level, but it will change the layout and the shape when you pass onto another stage. We recommend that you get used to the map first so that you can choose a good hiding spot and know how to locate items later. Once you're ready, search for the modern weapons that suit you and start shooting at your rival players in deathmatch game mode.

The highlight of this shooting game from must be the 3D graphics that bring the battle to life as well as the first point of view for players. By making you feel as if you are moving around the map, the creators of this game have succeeded in creating a virtual platform that feels very real. Don't forget to check the bullets in each weapon and keep track of the remaining number of bullets using the statistics on the screen. Reloading at the right timing will be crucial to your survival as there is no room for error.

Dodge the attack of others and keep yourself safe! One adventure will lead to another one such as Battboy Adventure or Mr.Cop Master with equally good gameplay and a similar genre. 

Instruction to play:

Move using W, A, S, D keys, shoot with the mouse, reload with R key, purchase weapons with B key.