Block Craft 2

Block Craft 2 guarantees a classic pixelated world in which you get to spread your imagination when dodging and managing the attack of the neighbors. There are so many blocks and you can do anything with these resources as long as they help you to create your empire. In this 2nd version, the kids get to pick up the adventure from where it was left off in the original version.

There will be a much more elaborate set of control keys with a variety of movements for the main character. You can look forward to a simulation game theme with tons of newly added skins and the best gears and tools that you could find. It's the unique chance to build the unique world of your dream from scratch with no disruption!

This gameplay allows you to create, assemble, move, and modify the current blocks to make infrastructure and build the kingdom in this magical land of Gogy games! Among the vast land and ever-expanding world, you can let your imagination run wild and get the best tools ever.

There are not just pure blocks and unanimated items here. Moreover, you can even fly and summon some deers if you have enough resources. If you are good at creating and building from sketches, you will be good at handling this game. Go on to explore the world in more free games such as MineCity Breakers or Parkour Block 2 from the list of Gogy simulation games with 3D graphics!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the WASD to move, Q, E key to jump up and down, 1 to 8 number keys to choose blocks. Pause and open the infobox with the P key, hit the blocks using left-click, create blocks using right-click, rotate it with R key, fly using F key, build with B, crouch with C.