Pretty Tiles

Welcome the kids to this new puzzle game from Gogy free games with an HTML design for your entertaining time! Not only is it a colorful and kid-friendly game of puzzling and matching but you can also share this with kids of all ages thanks to the interesting gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. There are endless possibilities and chances for you to match the groups of three similar-themed tiles together.

It's all about how fast and how precise you can capture them. Time is of the essence and you are required to meet the demand of some specific tile patterns to overcome each stage. The way to collect these is to tap on any existing three tiles with the same colors and patterns to destroy them. If you match three labeled tiles in the specified time you’ll get a reward.

A total of 43 levels are updated in the list of game options for you to explore and share, especially if you are a hardcore fan of 3-matching games. Three hints are available to help you get through the tightest levels, ranging from the shuffle, the undoings, and the collection of tiles. These three support will be useful when you reach tougher levels, try your best to manage them, and use them when necessary only.

Keep an eye on the labeled tiles and grab them in time to get some rewards and bonuses for your record. Feel free to use your existed number of hints as you wish but keep an eye on the remaining number. The more you have left, the more chances you have to clear your next stages faster, but if there were none, go ahead and think using your brain only. Other equally good games like Running Santa will be good options for your next gaming sessions on!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Click on three tiles with the same shapes using the left mouse button.