Redhead Knight

Redhead Knight brings a new dimensional game for the fans of 2D side-scrolling games like the classic Super Mario or Sonic. This new version of blockbuster is available for your entertainment in Gogy 2021, but there's no guarantee that you can ace the quest with our little Redhead Knight here!

Use your techniques and gather the coins necessary to win all stages of 15 levels divided into 03 worlds before the time runs out! The real challenge is that you need a bit of courage, flexibility, and bravery to fully ace all the obstacles that will align with your path. Your main character is a young knight with red hair - Arthur - who has a mission to bring back peace to the villagers.

On the journey, use your skills to move, dodge the attack of the others, and counter-attack in time. The screen of this game follows the same side-scrolling feature, which means that it will automatically scroll to the right as you move along. There's no way of going back once you have finished the parts, so make sure that you collect all the coins and boosters possible when you find them.

Of course, learn how to use the character's strength and movement to your advantage will bring a ton of benefits in claiming the top scores of this game. Keep your eyes on some obstacles that might pop up from time to time on the route. We have a list of daily updated top players, let's find if your name can be listed on it now! Come to the website of gogy games for kids and check out some games from a similar range such as Happy Rabbits or Mini Rally Racing!

Instruction to play:

Controlling keys: Use W to Jump, A to move left, D to move Right, and attack using L. Control the movements on mobile and table using the touch screen.