Crazy Shooter Of Math

The main character of this new game from Crazy Shooter Of Math is the crazy scientist who is in crazy mode and he needs to break the doors to get out. As math is his best subject, he will choose the task of cracking the math problems one by one to unlock the final door to exit. It's a new game with a combination of puzzle problems and math features to make it a new complicated multi-section game for kids of all ages here at Gogy games!

The scientist has created a weapon of his own, the laser weapon that is shooting fire against the obstacles that are targeting him. However, the only way to boost bullets to the cannon is by solving the math problems correctly. Once you give out the correct answer, the cannon will fire projectiles and break the nearest barriers, enemies, or locked doors. The more you crack, the more doors he can get through.

Do it constantly and keep the streak to get the mad scientist to the exit door as fast as possible! Enjoy the thrill of thinking, estimating, and correctly judging the math problem while being under so much pressure of time. All these lab monsters will stir up some chaos if you fail to take them down fast! 

In order to make sure that no monsters other than the scientist can get out of the lab, do your best to take advantage of your mathematics skills for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and cracking complex problems of math! How long will it take for you to successfully defeat the monsters in this game from Get your hands and tap on other gameplay such as Mergis for a different theme of games that you have never tried!

Instruction to play:

Click on the answer to pick it.