Harvest Cut Master

If you are interested in a simple, addictive, yet embedded with the best satisfying motion, this Gogy online game: Harvest Cut Master will be the perfect option for you today! Grab the wheel of your truck and start conquering this game for the highest records possible! Not only will you get to emerge into the world of a fun puzzle game that comes with vibrant animation but the work of cracking 55 Levels in total will also pose quite a challenge.

The main theme will be simple as your sole mission is to harvest the crops in the field. However, depending on the field shape as well as the placement of the obstacles, each stage will bring about different difficulty levels for sure. Your sole vehicle in this game shall be the trusty truck that can clear out any line of crop that it bypasses.

Maneuver the direction and control the movement of the truck with your ability to gather the most crop as well as gain enough scores to purchase more tools. A good set of agricultural vehicles will be crucial for your expansion and capacity, which requires you to keep upgrading the tools with the earned coins. There are plenty of options that you might find useful from the in-game store or the upgrade section, therefore, do your best to pick the most suitable ones.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a field of the crop being collected and geared out quickly, so start the tough work and demonstrate your talents when it comes to farming work now! Other similar-themed 3D games like Pic Pie Puzzles Transports will be perfect for your next gaming selection as they also bring interesting gameplay, thrilling sessions, and enjoyable moments! Do you know that there are more to explore from the website at Gogy land

Instruction to play:

Move the truck with WASD keys or arrow keys.

Interact and choose with the mouse.