Woodturning Studio

Woodturning Studio from Gogy game 4 kids will be the latest creative themed game for the kids who are good at crafting and making things as they imagine. Your job will be to make the most creative items from scratch. The game starts with giving you a huge block of wood with no shape or craft.

A sample wood piece like this can be shaped and changed into different items that are dashing, cool, and unique by your hands. Start using the different types of wood carving knives in this game and learn how to make your desired items. Each knife comes with a special tip that is not only sharp but can also create different marks along the grain. First, pick the one that you want to use and learn how to move it along the wood piece or hold it correctly at the right placement.

Even though it might take some time for you to learn how to control the knife and make it yours, the result will be quite rewarding for sure. Learn how to color the wood pieces after finishing with carving and apply a layer of varnish to it as the finishing touch. Let's see how good your crafting skills are and how great your coloring, as well as the shaping skills, improve in this game.

There are unlimited combinations that you can create with these wood carving knives, so do your best and bring tons of cool items to life! There are some new coloring, polishing, and matting tools updated as you progress to the part of decorating as well. Save the artwork to your collection and become the one with the most creations in this game from https://gogy.games/! Dive into the new world of puzzle games and assembling games such as Fruit War to learn more art and craft tips!

Instruction to play:

Click and move the left mouse to carve the wood.