Discover this HTML game of Frogtastic with not only a signature puzzle game theme but also a platform inspired by Zuma gameplay that has been all the rage before. Don't forget about the importance of shooting precisely in this game of Gogy 2023 online, because the more precise you can shoot, the faster you can win the game. There is no limitation on how you can win this game, as it's just about great timing and good estimation to shoot.

The players joining this game will try to crack all the stages by shooting at the marbles to clear them all off the board. A group filled with three or more similar colored marbles will be automatically removed from your current board. You can utilize the cannon where the frog is and shoot the marbles to the existing set on the platform. As you will see from the screen, the chain of marbles will move constantly to get closer and closer to the dipping point. Once the chain reaches the dip, your turn will be over, therefore, do whatever it takes to shorten the chain quickly! Thanks to the premium gaming graphics and multiple carefully designed levels, the kids have been enjoying this game with a blast!

Are your aiming and estimation good enough to create the most combos and clear out the levels within the given range? More and more similar ball shooting games like Planet Explorer Addition or Jelly Quest Mania from the website of gogy puzzle will definitely give a new spice to your gaming experience and spice it up a bit! We bring you a new tip, which is not to waste a single colored marbles. Some boosters and bonus items will be helpful to blast up a whole section or slow down the chain's movement, or even change the time that you have left.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to aim and shoot the marbles.