Zoo Run

Isometric games are the latest trend and the new types of game that bring the new technology of top-down angle or off-axis viewpoint to the experience of the players. Strange as it sounds, this new type of game from Gogy free games will bring a fun time to you and your friends! Try out Zoo Run, an endless isometric runner game which will test your ability to reflex under pressure.

With this game, you will enter a dangerous world and start your adventure to overcome the dangerous spikes and holes. Avoiding colliding with those objects only help you survive the game longer, but in order to gain high scores, collecting the floating coins is just as important. There will be some roadblocks as well, don't forget that you have to jump to avoid these!

If you manage to reach some certain checkpoints, different cute animals will be waiting for you to unlock. Start off from the little yellow chick and upgrade to the cute lion, duck and many more! The highlight of this game at http://gogy.games/ is definitely the graphics with new technology.

The graphics employed in video games and pixel art are incorporated so that the viewpoint is angled to reveal different angle that the players can see. You can keep track of the gained scores and coins using the counting clock on the top of the screen. Don't refrain yourself from checking out more unique games with Cut It Down Online and Merger Star

Instruction to play:

Click or tap on the screen to make the character jump up.