Cash Gun Rush

Get your cash gun running and start hitting this game from the gaming list of Gogy 2023 - Cash Gun Rush for an explosive and enjoyable playtime! Not only is this one addictive game that you can enjoy anytime that you like but it's also a good practice for both your reflex and interaction skills. For the fans and hardcore players of the parkour game, this one will be a piece of cake.

Get into the advanced experience and hard missions to showcase your talent in conquering parkour-themed games! Don't miss out on the thrilling sensation of emerging into this 3D scenery and realistic movement. It feels as if you are actually moving from the left to the right and vice versa. Get your money gun and move as soon as possible to clear out these items!

From bank notes, houses, cars, and bikes, to other huge items, you will use the gun to shoot the money at them. Once the amount of money that reaches the item is added up and equal to the required number, that item will be yours! However, keep in mind that you need to clear the item before you touch it. If your gun collides with the item before it's cleared, your turn will be over.

Don't miss out on the gates that double or triple your shooting range or speed, they will be extremely helpful! The more gold coins you gain, the better, as they help to purchase upgrades for your skills. Enjoy this interesting gameplay for kids of all ages with beautiful graphics, an intuitive interface, and the easiest control set! Enjoy your fun time with some other options such as Animal Jump when you have some time off to check out the list at

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to shoot the money.