Tap On Time!

Tap as soon as you spot the right colored lanes or the designated area that the markers need to be in! This game of Tap On Time! from Gogy 2022 arcade games will be the biggest addictive game which put your extreme reflexes to test with not only fast-paced gameplay but also an arcade game feature that requires your patience. In order to stay in the game for as long as possible, the players need to put their eyes on the moving markers and stop them at the right timing.

The area of the colored part changes according to the levels, so adapt and take a quick look to estimate where you can stop the marker. The goal of stopping it in the middle of the colored area will not be an easy feat. Conquerthe levels by tapping on the loop at the right moment when the marker passes through the colored area.

As the speed of the marker increases significantly throughout the stages, the kids will need to enhance their adaptability with changing pace and conquer the endless game mode when they are ready! The difference between the endless game mode and the ordinary game mode lies in the format of endless missions or level-based missions.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or the spacebar to stop the marker. Play by tapping on the mobiles or tablets.