Battboy Adventure

The only way for the hero of Battboy Adventure to successfully get out of the maze is by dodging the thorns, hopping on the right blocks, and eliminating the villains. Tons of scary killer clowns are waiting for you and will jump at you at any chance possible in this Gogy arcade game! Join the adventure and be the best at gathering the star as a reward.

For each stage, you will guide the Battboy through the dangers that are scattered along the way. From spikes, thorns, flying weapons to the killer clowns, each of the obstacles require a different way of dealing with them, therefore, keep on updating your techniques and figure out new innovative solutions to survive.

While managing the work and making your way through a total of 8 levels, keep in mind that not only the difficulty level will increase but it will be much harder to collect all the stars and get to the mark of 100% progress. If you choose to go on simple routes, it'll be easier to get to the final gate but less chance of gathering items. As enemies appear on your path, start using the fighting skills, and defeat them before continuing. This is a perfect chance to improve your interaction with arcade gameplay!

There is no limitation on the time but there will be a clock to let you know how much time has passed. Figure out a smart way and think out of the box to make sure that your character can achieve more goals and reach the end of this long journey! Other lists that are filled with similar games like Mr.Cop Master on our website of

Instruction to play:

Control the character movements using the mouse, the joystick, or touch bar on your Mobile Device.