Bike Trials Offroad

Challenging as Bike Trials Offroad might be, this brand new game will put your racing and performing to test. Like most other games with bikes from Gogy Racing games, this one also includes various tasks. Use your bike to reach the destination on each level. The key to the game is not only to successfully pass through a variety of dangerous obstacles. It's also about which player can create the darest stunts on the road to gain extra scores.


The tip for new players is to pay attention to maintain the balance of the bike. You will be able to perform the best stunts as long as the bike stays stable and move at a consistent speed. As a highly skilled driver, you must be confident to conquer all the challenges! As you progress and gain more scores, you will have the chance to go to the updated store at and unlock more cool cars using the gained coins. Some prominent obstacles are wood blocks, high hills, deadends, and gaps.


While you race, also keep track of the clock on the top of the screen to know the time left. The best players will be the ones who can reach the finish line within the shortest time. More racing games like Blocky Car Racing and Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer are available for free! This game has amazing 3D graphics and cool terrains to show off your stunts without any restraint. 

Instruction to play:

Control the movement of the bike using the WASD or arrow keys, R to restart the race and Esc to pause or go to the main menu.