Spooky Tripeaks

Demonstrate a bit of your talent in dealing with card organization and card arranging in this new Gogy online game: Spooky Tripeaks! Enjoy the spooky set of cards, each is imprinted with the image of one of these scary creatures. Let's learn how to arrange these cards in the required order so that you can quickly conquer this Halloween version of solitaire.

The first winning players will be the ones who manage to bypass all 100 levels at once. Your need to gather the cards in the correct order of increasing number or decreasing number based on each stage's requirement. Don't forget about some other unique pieces such as the jokers or the bonus cards.

These are for your usage and they can be helpful in the work of adjusting the stack and simplifying the process. Once you clear out a few lines at once, you will gain combos by clicking on the ghosts or the other spooky ones. Once the game starts, start drawing cards from the main stack which is placed in the middle of the screen. Make sure to go for one at a time from your stockpile and try to capture the one with the larger number or lower consecutively.

It's all about the value shown on the cards, rather than the image on them. When you clear out the stack and there's no card on the playing field, the game will be completed. Don't let your stockpile run out of cards as it means that there's no support option left for you for the remaining of the game. Plenty of new similar games such as Halloween Lines Saga or Rope Wrapper will bring similar gameplay for you to explore, so hit them up at https://gogy.games/!

Instruction to play:

Control the mouse to choose the cards from the stack.