Zoo Slings

Zoo Slings

Date added: 31/05/2022

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Zoo Slings is a new gaming option from Gogy 2022 if you are going for a good game of arcade with the most interesting and fun features of movement for the main character. The goal is to assist six types of animals in this game to reach the highest basket on each stage with different fruits stocked inside. In order to do so, make sure to use the round wooden bars scattered on the stage as the pole to grab on.

Climb on the wall with the help of these bars and move as fast as possible until you can jump over the basket and grab the food. Pushing off the bars will not be easy as you need to calculate the direction, the swing force, the momentum, and the timing to release. Once you manage to cling to one wooden bar, the animal is safe and will not fall to the ground.

However, one mistake in choosing the direction and force might cause your character to fall onto the ground, therefore, let's be careful with choosing the best timing and direction for each move. There will be plenty of new obstacles added to new levels that require more techniques to bypass. Can you show the gaming site how you can ace this fun game with one trial? Don't forget that we have a bunch of boosters and replay times that you can use to practice and replay the failed levels.

Would you like to explore more games with similar colorful graphics and jungle-themed gameplay? Keep the progress going and aim to claim the highest scores possible to clear out the Leaderboard with your record only! For more adventures into the jungles and other mazes, check out the newly updated list with the cool games like Square Monsters at https://gogy.games/ to see if any game catches your eyes! Instructions:

Game controls:

Click and hold the mouse to swing the character.

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