Castle Light

Join others in the journey to light up this beautiful castle in Gogy kid games! Castle Light is a lovely online game that has been rated with stars by the previous players. It has the simple gameplay of moving from one level to another while finishing the tasks on each stage. You will have to jump and move up the blocks in order to put the candles in their correct spots. It's for the ultimate purpose of lighting up the whole castle.

Since the castle is so big, you will need to be consistent and use your endurance to move through as many levels as possible. Sometimes, the candles will need to be held on high spots on the wall, which means that not only will you need to find a support platform like a near-by block but you have to double-jump as well.

There will be enemies and monsters popping up when you reach the harder levels. They intervene with the process and try to prevent you from jumping up the platform. Be brave and avoid them all! We also recommend that you pay more attention to the randomly scattered obstacles at If you are not careful enough, one of those can be your gravestone.

The tasks are so simple but the elaborated layout and the different sets on the levels will guarantee the special features of this game. The world of adventure also expands to other games like Archer Master 3d: Castle Defence and Out Of Mind. Tackle them later after finishing this one! 

Instruction to play:

Move with arrow keys or mouse.