Shopping Mall Tycoon

In order to become the one and only Shopping Mall Tycoon in this game of Gogy 2021, don't stop building new restaurants, expand buildings and top up your total money! It's rewarding to be the owner of all the buildings in the shopping malls with a twist of your own style, so don't hesitate to run your business from scratch in this game! Your job includes finding a bucket of gold, targeting the best plot of land, and building your dream shopping malls from scratch.

First, spot the land pieces and purchase the ones that you can with a little amount of gold at the beginning of the game. Once it's in your possession, you can start the business to can finally become a world-famous business tycoon! Doing business that suits each plot of land, ranging from a food chain, an elite gym, a restaurant, and many more!

It's crucial to expand the chains of buildings and manage them well in order to spread your territory on the commercial street. If you fail to manage them, chances are that other players will take over more land slots and the town as well. In this game from, the players who top the board are the ones who can strive to upgrade their buildings by purchasing updates, new features, modern furniture, and hire new staff to keep the business going.

This is a time-consuming interactive game with bright graphics, vivid store designs, and tons of other cool features to make it one of the most popular among the newly replenished selections of games! Feel free to check out more games with similar gameplay and equally fun theme such as Home Makeover Hidden Object or Pawn Boss for the most entertaining playtime with us! 

Instruction to play:

Instructions for Shopping Mall Tycoon: Click and interact with stores, buildings, plots of lands, and staff using the mouse cursor.