Clear The Island

Clear The Island is the latest Gogy new game of io theme that will bring a brand new setting with a vast platform for you to enjoy during playtime! The final purpose of this game will be to clear out the island and make sure to wipe the valuable vegetables off the ground. Your total final record will be calculated from the gained crops that you manage to brush over during your limited time per stage.

Move from the first point that you start and cover all the areas with your sharp spiky wheels. The faster and further you move, the more chances you will have to gather more and more vegetables. To clear the island of vegetation in the shortest time possible, don't collide or hit any obstacles on your way. Keep an eye out for the randomly pop-up items such as the scattered rocks and the holes at the edge of each level's area.

The way for your spiky wheel to increase in size and increase the damage range is to quickly absorb and consume all the delicious vegetables and fruits on the ground. Don't leave anything behind because you can only move forward to the higher stages when you have completed the current levels. It's a new gaming world with an elaborated io theme and a new graphic design to keep your playtime more fascinating.

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Instruction to play:

Click, hold and drag the mouse cursor to move.

Play the game using the touchpad on mobiles and tablets.