Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter - the new Gogy game with simple yet challenging gameplay will be a test of your aiming and shooting skills when it comes to bow and arrow usage. The goal remains unchanged throughout the levels, which is to hit the apple on the head of the person without failure. Should you fail to hit the apple or hit the person instead, your mission at that level will end.

As the goal is to shoot precisely, the players will need to consider the two most important elements while preparing for the shoot. Choose the perfect string force and the direction to make a perfect combination that will help bring the arrow to the right place. You can practice first to get a grasp on the basics of the shot. Once you are ready, go from the lower level to the higher level.

The significant difference between the levels of this game will be the increase in length. The higher your level is, the further your target becomes. This increases the challenge and difficulty level for kids to advance while showcasing the best of their talents. How long will it take you to master the art of shooting the apple without hitting the standing man? Feel free to ace more games like Hexoboy, all available without cost in the list of

From the racing, cooking, arcade, to io games, you can find them all in a variety of genres here! The work of aiming for the apples will not be an easy feat as it requires precise estimation and aiming within a limited window. Practice your hitting technique skillset with this game for free now! Other free games like Straw Hat Samurai might easily be your cup of tea if you are into this one, so check them out!

Instruction to play:

Click and release to shoot.