Treehouses Maker

Treehouses Maker brings the classic cartoon background game to your attention as it's one of the most popular elimination games recently on our game baskets at Gogy puzzle 4 free. The objective of the game is to assemble your unique treehouse by gathering the right tree branches and haystack. There will be more trees on the screen, each with a singular color on the leaf. You will gather a group of trees with similar colors and make a team of three or more to gather them.

This shall eliminate the blocks as well as collect the required trees for the house assembling tasks on each of your levels. The higher the levels, the more leaves or trees you will need to fill. This means that you have to make sure to obtain all possible groups of trees within the given time per stage. How strong or how unique your treehouse is will depend on your gathered number. Keep it going and bypass all different stages, each with a unique setup and list of trees. A frequently used technique is the technique to gather pieces from the outer edge before making the way inward. Or you can go randomly with any color that you feel is easier, as long as the final result is achieved.

There will be some trees hidden or overlapped by others, so lift the ones over them to push them out in the open. Don't forget to explore some other fun games like Free Birds and Solitaire Story Tripeaks 4, all within our free game collection at It's a perfect choice made of a combination of matching games and cartoony games online, for kids of all ages to enjoy with their friends!

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touchpad to click on trees and group them.