Protect My Dog

How far will you go to defend your dog here at our latest challenge: Protect My Dog! This fun puzzle game from Gogy online bears some exciting challenges and themes that you need to overcome. The game's final goal is to ensure you can protect your cute dog from bee attacks and other dangers. In order to conquer this, you must generate a defensive line for all levels by drawing on the screen.

As long as the line keeps the dangers out of reach, your main character will be okay. This requires the line to be able to keep the dog away from melting lava, sharp thorns, and different menaces as well as environmental hazards. A total of 50 dangerous levels and challenges with constantly changing themes will get a little more difficult and make your journey enrich further.

As the objectives and the obstacles vary depending on the stages, do your best to determine how you can clear out the problem using the least number of lines. Thanks to the lovely graphics, dynamic animation, and a constantly changing set of dangers, this game will keep the players on their toes for sure.

Don't forget to utilize the statistics as shown on the game screen to keep track of the progress and the remaining hints that you can take advantage of when tackling harder challenges. Steer clear from the attack waves of lava, sharp thorns, increasing difficult blocks, and plenty of other randomly pop-up obstacles. Showcase the best of your talents when it comes to the art of maneuvering and dodging diverse types of hardships in more games like Underwater World from! More animal friends are waiting for a life saver with other fun games! 

Instruction to play:

Click and use the mouse to move the character.