Hunter and Props

Hunter and Props are known for the secret rooms that players easily enter when entering them. gogy 2 player definitely chose this exact fighting game for gamers from all over the world. You can choose to fight rooms based on the number of people in that room, because of the mind and the special things that you easily explore. Use weapons in a flexible way by switching between different weapons to easily kill enemies and help your teammates.


Be careful of the most distinctive feature in this game at gogy games online. Players can hide any object such as a tree and enemies too. This is wonderful and new to the war not only do you choose to kill enemies, but you can also escape them with your own special abilities. This fighting game is loved by different players all over the world and you have the opportunity to participate in online games and gain the highest score by your own strength.


Get ready for the new battle at Share the game with your friends and join the game without being bothered by ads or other factors. Do not miss the chance to win in this game through the various challenging rounds of the rooms. You will have great fighting experience after joining the game and getting the highest score today.


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Instruction to play:

Controls game:

Use the arrows key or WASD to move,

mouse to view and shoot,

Space to jump,

E to transform as a prop,

Q for sounds,

1-5 to change the weapons