Perfect Turn

Are you ready to enjoy one of the best 3D painting game with the elaborated art animation? The game is called Perfect Turn and it's all for free in Gogy kid game! The task is to smear the paint all over the blank space on each level. The platform that you need to paint on will have different shapes depending on the level and the difficulty of the stage. For the first levels, it's easy to cover all these blocks with only a few moves. However, when you reach higher stages, the layout will be totally different.

There are more corner and one-block space to cover, while your sponge is the two-block shape. The players have to come up with the best way to move a sponge so as to make it print full of all the blanks with its color. The highlight is the changing color throughout the levels. You will not know what color to expect next! A tip for the beginners in this game at is to fill all blanks quickly and cleanly by printing in one direction only.

Don't get confused with small corners. Keep in mind that you can flip the sponge to make it become smaller or bigger. After dominating all 100 levels, there is no doubt that you will be the master of this challenge! For more drawing and painting games, why don't you take a look at some choices such as Puppy Blast and Roller Splat

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move the sponge.