Urban Subway Hooligans

Urban Subway Hooligans will spice up your boring time with the latest character updates, new challenging missions, different train tracks, and new rewards! The train track in this Gogy arcade game has been renewed with more holes, more obstacles, and harder barriers, therefore, we need you to stay focus and use all of your skills. The main goal is unchanged as it's to complete the tasks given to you by logging in daily. The more you conquer, the more coins you can use to purchase new functions. Kids love the new bag delivery function in this new version with a special indicator.

Take advantage of that indicator to know the remaining distance until the destinations. Make sure that you steer clear of ships and train obstacles while looking for the clear train slots. It's best to stay in the safe lanes and move to safe places to get further. If you are willing to embark on this fun-filling journey where anything is possible, don't miss out on the blue glowing diamonds that will boost your record even more!

The train tracks will be shifting after every day to enhance the difficulty of such a game at http://gogy.games/. When you need to bypass many hindrances at the same time, using the hoverboard as an extra aid will be a good method as well. Keep exploring more train tracks, car races, and other good games such as Baked Ziti and Journey To The North from our free online collection! 

Instruction to play:

Run using the arrows, use the hoverboard by the spacebar.