Ricocheting Orange

One of the most simple games yet extremely hard to gain high scores from Gogy game collection called Ricocheting Orange is here to test out the player's focus and controlling skills. The tough gameplay has driven many newbies crazy due to the high level of difficulty for a fun casual game. If you are looking for quite a challenge like this, take a shot right now! The main theme of this game is all about fruits.

Your little green frog, the main character, is staying on the orange piece in the middle of the screen. It will bounce from one side to another, and your job is to keep the green frog on the orange leave no matter what! It will be quite difficult since you have to move the platform a half or a whole round to reach the other rear end and capture the frog in time. If the frog accidentally slips out of the screen, your turn will be over.

Progressively, the speed of the frog's movement will increase significantly to create diversity in difficulty level and bring more thrilling moments at http://gogy.games/. Such an interesting and thrilling game will keep you on your feet as your skills need to constantly upgrade and enhance in order to secure a slot in the next round. You wouldn't want to miss out on this hilarious summer game with a lovely main character on your side!

Train your eyesight and estimation skills in a high-reflex platform game with your friends without any cost immediately! Don't forget to take some time off and explore the world of free games with trendy gaming selections such as Fruits Equations and Dot Rush

Instruction to play:

Click on the right or left side of the screen to slide the bar toward that direction or tap on the screen to control it.