Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter

Galaxy Attack Virus Shooter - a new game from Gogy collection will bring back the retro-themed shooting game that you used to enjoy from your childhood. The players get to dive into the vast galaxy that is filled with multiple virus strains. All of these are dangerous and can pose a great threat to not only humanity but also to other species in the universe. The mission for you and your team of aircraft is to build a barrier of aircraft and shoot off the virus. Each bubble has its number to specify how many shots you need to shoot in order to clear it off the map. Your warcraft can be best used by placing it near the bottom of the game screen and shoot from a further distance.

Once you start clicking and holding the button on the spacecraft, the screen will light up to show that the game has begun. Shot intensively against the invasive viruses constantly until when the level ends. There are some rules that you should follow to keep your aircraft safe from coming in contact with those deadly viruses. The large number is also the main problem that you need to deal with.

As you are shooting at the viruses, there will be bonuses or additional boosters of damage range and bullet points falling down. Capture them in time before they drop off the screen. However, during the process of the work, don't let the strain touch your aircraft, or else the game will be over immediately. Keeping a safe distance will guarantee a better approach in this shooting game of the galaxy.

Keep in mind that developing your weapons is one of the crucial elements to vanishing them all without putting yourself in danger. Gather tons of items to boosting your damage range fast in more games such as Idle Lumberjack 3D at

Instruction to play:

Click and hold the left button to shoot.