Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy online game at Gogy games where you have to capture as much territory as you can. Paint the map with your colors to take over the Color Galaxy world. Pay attention to other players competing for your space. The game will forge your ability to be skillful. You will be exploring all the exciting levels of this game. You need to perform a lot of skillful skills. Drive and gain more experience to build your territory.

Discover now this fascinating game with your friends. In addition to ingenuity, you also need to be smarter. You will have more interesting feelings. Together we will conquer these interesting things. Skillfully draw on colored circles and do not collide with previously drawn circles. You will practice very attractively. Invite your friends to join the Color Galaxy online game at Gogy land. Use your mouse to move around and overlay your color on the map.

Glide through another player's space and paint, then make a connection back to your color to confirm that area. When you move outside of your color, your tail will be exposed to attack. That means other players can rush into it to wipe you out. You will constantly fight with other players to regain your territory and take their territory. Play smart and have a mind.

In addition to moving quickly to occupy the territory, you also need to pay attention to confronting other players. We will play for fun and excitement. Custom skins to define your images. You will try to discover a lot of fun while playing this game. Feel it a lot. The more experience you have, the more combat skills you will have. To practice more skillful movement skills, enjoy some other games similar to Super Stickman Duelist at

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touch the screen to play.