Two main obstacles that will play the important roles on your journey in Slimoban are the boxes and the monsters. This Gogy arcade game is one of the new version of a classic idea that most kids have enjoyed during their childhood. The players will have to help the main character to escape the castle and stay safe from the danger. There will be boxes that stay on your path to block the new routes and the monsters that are waiting to capture you.

Take advantage of the fireballs and the water to eliminate monsters wisely. For the green monsters, they are going to just stay still in one place, therefore, we recommend that you push them into the water for a quick result. However, the tough blue monsters are going to chase you. The only way to escape their chase is by using the fireball as well as throwing them into the water. Let's explore the game at and see what the red monsters can do!

Keep in mind that you can also use the fireballs to remove the blocks, but pay attention to the golden keys in order to collect them. This game comes with an elaborate map that is divided into different stages and tiles to make each level more interesting. Will you be able to survive the thrilling adventure and bring home the golden treasure trunk? Think carefully before moving any boxes to maintain safe and guarantee a way out of the chamber.

Don't forget to explore the special maze that is placed underwater at the highest level! Tons of chambers, castles, and kingdom filled with adventurous games like Zipline Rescue are available online for boys and girls of all ages! 

Instruction to play:

Move the character with arrow keys and attach using the left mouse button.