Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition

Ninja Boy Ultimate Edition pumps your adrenaline level up another notch with the endless hopping, bouncing, shooting, and gathering stars alongside the talented Ninja Boy as your main character! This Gogy platform game brings a new fun adventure to your game list. The game requires you to use momentum to throw the ninja towards the items. While dodging or jumping on enemies, you can gather some stars for increasing the total scores.

Defeat all monsters while trying to find the fastest way that you can open the final treasure chests on each stage. The chests will take you to the next level and grant a reward! If you love side-scrolling gameplay, this will be a good option to relax and enjoy. The enemies show up on the right side of the screen and they only stay within their radius. It's the task of calculating the dropping point and the force for shooting.

The fewer steps or moves you use, the higher your rank is thanks to the advanced skills. Once you can slash through these monsters, the path to capturing the precious items will be wide open. How will you intend to utilize the pulling momentum to avoid the spikes? Controlling the force using dragging motion is not easy at all, so be careful!

This game has the latest 2D graphics with colorful background and a vivid magical world to help your character move freely. Don't miss out on some chances to explore new magical worlds of the games like True and False Math Game or Square Rush for the best game time this winter! All of them are here in different categories for kids at Gogy games, so try out the one that catches your eyes!

Instruction to play:

Instruction keys: Move and shoot the ninja boy using the left mouse cursor.